Dignity-by Chickenbone Slim-Copyright 2020
You say our love is over
it was never meant to be
I didn’t try to stop you
when it was time for you to leave
but if you’re gonna leave me
leave me with my dignity
The tales you’re signifying
you make em up as you go
Now I trust you about as far
as I can throw the big Mo
You’re just lying to yourself
you doing it just for show
You’re spread lies around like honey
but they’re sticking to your knife
I don’t see the reason
you’re causing all this strife
why you gotta hate me
why you trying to wreck my life?
Your reputation’s gone
No one believes your boasts
The lies that you’re preaching
are gonna haunt you like a ghost
you’ll have no one there to help you
when you need some help the most
I guess our love is over
it was never meant to be
That you can turn around and hate me
makes no sense to me
if you’re finally leaving
leave me with my dignity